the temperature outside has started to drop and for most of us that means packing away the bathing suits and sun tan lotion in favor of warmer clothes, hats, gloves and scarves. its easy to get so busy making sure everyone in your family has enough warm clothing and accessories for the winter months, but we often forget to pay attention to the changes to our skin the drop in temperature causes.

dry and cracked skin is not a very flattering accessory for your holiday party attire not to mention that it can be painful. cowboy magic® has the perfect product to keep your skin looking smooth and staying moisturized cowboy magic® quick & easy skin lotion. and because its not thick and heavy, you can use it all-year round for beautiful skin without any greasy residue.

our quick & easy lotion has long been a stable of rugged cowboys and outdoorsmen, but it will soothe any skin. since its been allergy tested and dermatologist-approved, its perfect for even the most sensitive of skin.

size 5.5 oz.